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Drivers warned about a new way of stealing cars

Водителей предупредили о новом способе угона автоSteal cars with empty bottles.

Drivers are warned about a new way of carjacking. For committing the crime, the thieves need only an empty plastic bottle. It is set inside the rear wheel arches.

The idea is to lure the driver out ready for the ride of the car. When the owner of the car starts moving, the bottle emits scary sounds.

The anxious driver decides that the car that something was wrong and immediately comes out of the cabin towards the rear wheels. At this point in the salon drop by the cyber criminals and stealing cars.

The police are strongly advised to carefully check the wheels for foreign objects – instead of the bottles can be anything. Also, you can leave the car better with the engine off, taking the key and closing the door. Also best to Park in crowded places.

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