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Drivers of electric cars greatly simplified life

Водителям электромобилей значительно упростили жизнь New legislation adopted in Austria.

Many developed countries intend in the next few decades to completely abandon cars with internal combustion engines. But while electric cars have a much higher cost, so you have to introduce special measures to encourage their purchase.

As a rule, tax incentives for buyers and producers, the preferences on the roads, for example, free Parking or admission to the strip of public transport.

The Austrian authorities went even further: in the future, owners of electric vehicles will have the right to drive on dedicated lanes, Park for free on part of paid Parking, and also to move with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour where the speed of conventional machines is limited to 100 km/h for environmental reasons.

Austria has adopted a number of incentives for owners of electric vehicles. For example, they are exempt from the fuel tax and vehicle tax and can issue tax deduction after the purchase of the electric vehicle.

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