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“Drivers myrrh-streaming” the publicist laughed at “NASA” Poklonsky

«Драйверы мироточат»: публицист посмеялся над «Няшей» ПоклонскойNevzorov laughed at Poklonsky.

Russian publicist Alexander Nevzorov made fun of former “Prosecutor” annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea, Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation (considered illegitimate in Ukraine. – Ed.) Natalia Polonskaya.

The corresponding statement has sounded on air of “Echo of Moscow”, when Nevzorov was commenting on the statement about Poklonskaya interview with the Russian Czar, Nicholas II.

“The attempt to connect, for example, Poklonskaya any intellect will end in complete failure: still burn, crumble… the Drivers will be streaming around the world in people’s hands poplavyatsya and cracked iPhone. She will win any intelligence though artificial, though natural – because these days the girl reported that she talked and had a secret conversation with Nicholas the Bloody… She confirmed it in the air, I heard,” he said.

The publicist said that this issue should not be considered from the psychiatric aspect.

“Of course, you can talk about it in clinical terms, but it will be very rough and very incorrect. The fact that the entire history of the Church is precisely because of such conversations, conversations with unseen beings, with spirits, with the long-departed, in complete oblivion of biological and physical entities,” – said Nevzorov.

“You have to understand that if the intimate conversation deputati with the shot, or no shot, and safely dead in Argentina autocrat crazy, then all of Christianity should be marked as schizophrenia. And is unlikely, by the way, Kirill (the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Gundyaev. – Ed.) would agree with that. And the accusation of madness is completely unfair. So all Christians will record just crazy. They’re supposed, they’re supposed to hear voices, see hallucinations shining. This is the norm of religion,” he concluded.

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