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Drink where there is no hope

Пьют там, где нет надежды

Deaths of working age in the district is 21% higher than in Russia on average: this is the data from the WEF from the head of the Ministry of health. Such statistics is the explanation: “the external reasons”, primarily alcohol. Again, in the whole of Russia began to drink less, but in the far East decrease quickly.

Now let’s pose the question: well, the government stated the problem — but what has been done? What will be done? The first thing that comes to mind: the problem represents the same government that increased the retirement age. That is, until retirement in the far East does not survive — and it is not necessary? First, the state earns on the excise taxes from alcohol, and then also save on pensions: an excellent economy. Only person in it, and it is unclear for whom she exists.

The next question is: has anyone of the officials asked myself, why in the far East drink more? The answer is, he’s long been known. Drink where there is no hope. Alternatives. Output. That is, everything comes down again to the economy. Worse to live — the more I drink. What could further worsen the lives than knowing that until retirement you are unlikely to live?

So one problem triggers another, and fundamentally is the desire of the government and of the EP to save on people.

There are a number of simple measures that we can already improve the situation.

First, the change in the retirement age bracket, nothing prevents to move it depending on the actual duration of life in the region.

Secondly, jobs in the far East. In Yakutia, we are talking about quotas for local residents for many years, but the case has still not gone forward. There will be work — there is an alternative.

Third, in General, the relief of living in the Northern environment: benefits, allowances — all of that can somehow compensate for the gap in quality of life between Central Russia and the North.

Fourth: yesterday I posted photos from Chokurdakh with vegetables for 450 rubles — well, alcohol is cheaper. You need to change the balance of prices, there are all the necessary tools.

And finally, the fifth. Enough to state problems. It’s time to solve them. Statistics we have the sea, but political action and the puddle does not reach.

Fedot Tumusov, the Deputy of the state Duma

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