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Dream job: a vacancy “hugger” cats

Работа мечты: открылась вакансия "обнимальщика" котовThe vet will reassure the most anxious and nervous patients caudate.

Dublin veterinary clinic Just Cats opened the “job of dreams”. The animal hospital is seeking an employee who will have the whole day to hug cats.

This was reported on the website of the institution.

According to the list of requirements, the candidate must love cats, have gentle hands and a soft quiet voice, to be able to be ironed animals, as well as to understand the purr and distinguish its types.

In this case, the most important condition for the future “Comforter” cats have qualified in the veterinary field.

In January 2016, the Chinese research center of Sichuan province opened the “Panda hugger” with a salary in 32 thousand dollars. For the money, the employee is required 365 days a year is with pandas and is constantly hugging them.

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