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Dream about upgrading there is no one to implement

Мечты о модернизации некому претворять в жизнь

The main problem of the Russian economy will not solve nor monetary or economic methods. Because the main problem of Russia is a severe shortage of qualified personnel to fill nowhere.

Moreover, skilled people leave from Russia, after the “krymnasha” Russia has left 500 thousand expats: Americans, Europeans and Australians. 2012 and continually growing emigration of Russian scientists, engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs.

The state of education in Russia is such that to train a sufficient number of engineers, it can not. And the future engineer or scientist starts to “kill” at school ugly level of education.

A severe blow to the desire to work in Russia have caused the devaluation of the ruble, which has 2.5 times reduced the wages in Russia. Programmer 70 thousand rubles, now earns about $1,000 — the level of American poverty, and went to the US/EU, it can expect $3000-$5000.

This leads to the fact that all sensible globally competitive skilled workforce from Russia are leaving, and the intelligent aliens on our poverty wages will fail to lure. So what about any dreams of modernization, the revival of you can forget. To implement them corny nobody. Neither the liberals nor the Communists, nor fascists.

Our dreams left on the industrialization of the “Stalinist methods” for the same reason, are pure “manilovism”. Put “office plankton” to the machines under the threat of death of course they can, but to create a skilled workforce (even the workers, not to mention engineering) of them will not work. Teach no one.

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