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Dr. Komorowski spoke about the main “new” threat to children

Доктор Комаровский рассказал о главных «новогодних» опасностях для детейThe doctor also explained why you should not buy children’s champagne

New year celebrations may end sadly, if not to protect it for their children. This reminded well-known pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, published fragments of music show and interview in Instagram.

The doctor says that in the New year the children are often without adult supervision, which all celebrate.

“The main thing – be very careful: do not feed the dad and make sure that everything is fine, no need to stuff this food in children. And again. Now I probably will make a discovery for many: the most dangerous for a young child on the Christmas table this tablecloth! No food ruin your health, and the fact that the child pulled the tablecloth and fell on him to do something bad,” he says.

Komarovsky says that the child needs a sober adult adequate and quality food.

“If a child is stuffed in the New year, it is not necessary to Wake him at 10am on 1 January and again to feed. Leave him alone, until he asks for food. Here’s the most primitive advice,” said the pediatrician.

Доктор Комаровский рассказал о главных «новогодних» опасностях для детей

Komorowski also commented on the desire of parents to put on the table “children’s champagne and explained what its danger.

“Who needs children’s champagne? Children need children’s champagne? No. And who should? Adults, of course. We’re normal. How is it that our child sits down at the table and not drink with us? Now we lay in children the habit of drinking during a party. So why not to put kids cigarettes? It will be perfect. As children we admit to our wonderful safe adult life.

Again, the kids after watching adults very often strive on their own to open the bottle and look back, shoot it now or a bit later,” he said.

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