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Dozens of skulls on the banks of the Irtysh river (VIDEO)

Russian media, including NTV, reported a terrible discovery in the Tobolsk district of the Tyumen region on the banks of the Irtysh river. Here was discovered the human skull, which a witness captured on video.

Apparently, the incident is connected with the erosion of the old cemetery near the village of Bronnikovo. As has informed the head of administration of Tobolsk municipal district Yuri butt:

The cemetery there is a very long time. It washes away every year. Last year we were buried a few graves. But this year’s floods again washed part of the graves

Moreover, local residents and continue to bury the dead in this place, despite the fact that such cases may happen again in the future.

Where many more human skulls? In the Paris catacombs! This summer, incidentally, nearly lost two teenagers. Horror!

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