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Doping scandal for dummies

Допинговый скандал для чайников

Too lazy to read mnogabukav in Russian and in English, here’s a summary.

WADA has made every effort to hush up the scandal and to return all back.
Just tried to do this, which is worrying, and many considered this indecent and suspicious.
Status RUSADA was restored 21.9.2018 in the “strictly due to compliance”.

Strictly it was due to two requirements:
– Publicly acknowledge the Commission’s findings of McLaren (our scored, vada too)
– To grant WADA access to the database LIMS Russian anti-doping laboratory (and not the journalist!) for the period 2012 – 2015 in the period up to 31.12.2018.

Then it all revolved around this base.

TFR arrested her as a material evidence in the case Rodchenkova June 18, 2016.

Two and a half years, guys in the TFR carefully, slowly, ruled base, hoping to convey to WADA at the appointed time SQL-database dump, filtered set of raw files with chromatographs and office documents .pdf. Well some dirt on Rodchenkova there to throw – he himself <s>pissed</s> did positive samples and then all (years!) blackmailed and no one could keep up with him.

But when WADA at the end of December 2018 (target date) arrived to remove the base, it turned out that she <s>fuck</s> I don’t need a SQL dump, and need the wheels with the table files, transaction log backups and all.

Patamushta to forge an SQL dump is easy, but the base itself is almost impossible.

In the TFR said “oops”.

And wrapped the boys under the pretext of lack of certified (by Russian standards) equipment for the removal of the base.
WADA said “well, OK, a month good? Good for you?” – and left.

SKR looked into the eyes of Evgeny Mochalov (the LIMS database administrator and by a strange coincidence, the husband of the headmaster’s laboratory Elena Mochalova) and kindly asked for the rest of the month bring a relational database (probably Oracle, but possibly MSQL) to reflect the change (note: generally it is or impossible, or I do not understand anything in relational databases).

Eugene tried (for a month!) allow the giblets of relazioni into this match.

At the same time (whether from haste, from illiteracy) is so messed up that marvel.

For example, in January 2019 when returning the system time from the past (2015) to the present (2019) dude messed up American date format (01/08/2019) with the Russian format (08.01.2019), and some files appeared for six months in the future.

But it is “for example”.
Stocks there it was – the sea.

In the end, when the German team of IT specialists, headed by the leading German specialist for IT security Gunther Younger passed-here-is-everything- (three of the seized disk), the guys eyes on the forehead climbed.
Eventually unearthed thousands of deletions and corrections.
They have affected about half of the athletes who monitor RUSADA (145 of 298).

(for “professionals”: LIMS is able to work with relational, and external files including office).

Plus stuffing, otmazyvatsya Kudryavtseva (key witness to the processes of the court of arbitration for sport, by the way – there is the opportunity to return to these processes, “in connection with again opened circumstances”, as lawyers is formulated) and substituted Rodchenkova (who allegedly falsified positive samples and all blackmailed).

And again, <s>inept Fuckers</s> Amateurs, with wrong dates.

In General, the forgery happened SO curve and clumsy that even the WADA (which tried to hush up the scandal) naturally the question arose: what do you mean, very <s>fuck</s> keep us for idiots? Well then, sorry guys.

/retreat, a curious passage in the report:
The Russian authorities have acknowledged:

• Evgeny Mochalov, system administrator of the Moscow laboratory and her husband is the current Director has deliberately made changes to the LIMS;

• The Russian authorities acknowledged that during the process of copying the data, which took place in January of 2019, Mochalov switched the date in the system and overwrite the data with zeros. They didn’t mention it until faced with evidence in October 2019.

Given this victory, it is surprising that historical nihilism is still ongoing. September 13, 2018 Minister of Koloboks publicly acknowledged that “a number of persons in the [Russian] Ministry of sports and its subordinate structures, such as Moscow and the Sochi lab had been involved in the manipulation of the anti-doping system in Russia”, – is written on page 16 of the report I & I (page 43 of the full report of the Committee on compliance)


Was (and even voiced) hope that someone on 9 December to vote against or at least abstain, but not developed.


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