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“Don’t sleep”! We have a new teaser!

Again night came, again the occasion to talk about the film called “No sleep” (No dormirás). Just when we were admiring another poster, as in the Internet appeared the second teaser picture. More interesting and fuller first. And even more creepy. Supernatural devilry slowly creeps.

In an abandoned mental hospital theatre troupe is experimenting with insomnia, in preparation for a new production. After several sleepless nights, they move on to new levels of consciousness, allowing them to touch the secrets kept in the old building. The young actress, Bianca, who recently joined the company and fighting for the right to play the main role, is forced not only to adapt to the challenges of the new work, but also to deal with unexplained forces that threaten her life.

This teaser will be in theaters in Latin America before the screening of “It”. That is to say, to set the audience in the desired fashion. Of course, repeating the success of the film, Andres, Mosketti in this case is not worth waiting, but a strong genre thing the Uruguayan Gustavo hernández, it could happen.

Apparently, we are waiting for the story in modern creep-trend. A gloomy building with a history, touching something unlawful, dive into the world of unknown horror or madness. Think it would be interesting.

Belen Rueda and other inhabitants of the psychiatric hospitals should be in cinemas next year.

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