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Don’t need any “elevators”

Не нужны никакие «лифты»

In General, the lift — not a very good metaphor for the mechanisms of social dynamics.

You walked up, pressed the button, the doors opened and some magical power I drove you to what you wanted the floor, and your own participation in the process — is that the key on the wall three letters to write. Not to mention the fact that the main skill for leftouter — time to be at the right buttons and get its first click — and go with the wind, while the losers are trampled down and wait their turn.

And in order to lift properly, it needs to carry people, not only upwards but also downwards. That place upstairs was regularly released for the crowding at the bottom of the button. Of course, you can simply — from time to time to throw the top of the asphalt, as did one mustachioed effective Manager. But in our time may not prokanaet. Now unless the cargo lift in the cage descend carefully as some Abyzova-speaker.

Hence the conclusion. Don’t need any “lift”. The falsity of the metaphor pushes on the wrong track its adherents. Need frontier on which the most agile, brave and smart can to prove myself and be somebody. And then they rise in the hierarchy of the social floors is their own merit, and not the result of Elevator motors and randomayzer by pressing the call button.

The change of the political team must be accompanied by a rejection of the “Elevator” paradigm.

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