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Don’t let me in

Last fall, the cable channel TNT seems to be accepting the baton from the network A&E and gave the nod to the creation of the pilot episode of “Let me in”based on the famous novel of Ivide Jon Lindqvist.

The novel before this was filmed at the birthplace of the author in 2008, Thomas Alfredson, and a few years later , Matt Reeves took off and the remake with Chloe grace Moretz as the girl-vampire, who became a friend to a cowering boys.

It was assumed that the show-run the series will be Jeff Davis, and the main role was to play Christine Preset and Ben Wadsworth. That is kind of how it was done.

However, as it became known, the pilot episode even began to shoot, and TNT in the end and all shut up shop.

The story, however, does not end here. Studio Studios Tomorrow, goodbye first with A&E, and now with TNT, will continue seeking a buyer for their project. So it is likely that the show will find investors, and then the audience.

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