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“Don’t come to me with dirty shoes”: Anna Sedokova responded harshly to the haters

Anna Sedokova recently confirmed that she is pregnant for the third time. Now as the fans and haters of the singer appeared really a great source for verbal battles, because the artist still holds the name of the father of the baby a secret!

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Apparently, Anna is tired of the negativity in his address, and she decided to respond harshly to all the gossip. Star published the candid post in Instagram: “Really, some people are so lost sense of tact and decency to glance at the pants of another man, is now the norm? Maybe artists so often are, to go naked, showing his ass, you now do not seem normal, hiding something, or even weird? How can you come to me to the page in the comments, I have to write shit. Or just to discuss who the father of the child… Is it not clear that they are not their potatoes with cabbage in the vegetable garden discussion, and the life of man. I’m alive, now especially vulnerable .What I am is a person with emotions and feelings that I read it all, upset, worried. I like everyone on this planet have a right to privacy and especially the right is the man, who was not elected 15 years ago to become a singer, to go to the theatre or to study to be a TV presenter. Little Angel, just chose me. I am very happy and will be like a tigress to protect that choice. It is clear that none of us are saints. Understood that going in the kitchen, we pour the tea and my bones of those who have lives more interesting than ours. But please don’t come to my house with dirty shoes and not to show off their junk. If you have a home, it is customary to defecate in the living room on the carpet and you are so used that you don’t even stink, do not judge yourself for other people. Some do it in the toilet. Here, for example, the cat Tito! Even the cat knows where it should be. PS 6 am. I have work to do. Hug” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Photo published by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) Feb 10 2017 10:47 PST

Recall that the rumors about the pregnancy of Anna Sedokova appeared at the end of last year. Then said that the singer is expecting a child with her boyfriend, which she carefully hides. The Network even leaked a photo of Anna with a rounded belly, but a spokesman for the star claimed that it’s all fiction journalists.

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Yes, I myself think it’s a Photoshop ? Only this special effect for a whole day dancing and glad that Mom is at work from 9 in the morning ! Favorite dream office and store @lastory_store ❤this We have organized a big opening and presentation, build a stage, decorate the store, creativit approved and create a new collection downloaded album in ITunes and … And a 1001 thing ❤ I p. s. Shhhhhh. Posted on the post. Already like 8 hours trying ???

A photo posted by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) on Feb 10, 2017 at 6:39am PST

8 Feb Sedokova opened the card: the artist wrote in Instagram that will really become a mother for the third time.

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