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“Don’t be too clever” Madonna said a strong speech in defense of women

«Не будь слишком умной»: Мадонна произнесла сильную речь в защиту женщин The actress spoke from the stage about sexism, feminism and its stand position.

Madonna said a strong speech about the role of women in the world and touched on other topics.

Madonna was the “Woman of the year”. After handing her the award, she gave a speech that still discuss and quote online. It affected not only questions the role of women in this world. Madonna also remembered how he achieved success through what she went through and recalled how she was raped on the roof of one of the houses of new York, holding the knife near her throat.

Now her speech is quoted in social networks. One of his speech she was able to achieve their goals and to reach women all over the world. After all, they are now quoting Madonna.

Edition offers you to read the most popular quotes of Madonna, which caused heated discussion in the Network:

Here I am before you – a doormat. Oops, I meant “pop singer”. Thank you for acknowledged that I managed for 34 years to continue his career, despite the open misogyny, sexism, the constant harassment and insults Madonna.

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All those who sends me to hell and specifies how to behave, I want to answer – I’ve had your wishes in mind! I never caved in under the others and now won’t. Your criticism made me a better fighter. For this can to thank you – Madonna.

In fact, there is no real security guarantees – Madonna.

There are no rules – if you are a man. If you are a woman, you have to play the game. What is the game? You can be beautiful, cute and sexy, but you can’t be too smart not to have your own opinion. Or at least – to have an opinion that differs from the usual Madonna.

You are allowed to be a sexual object for men to dress like a whore, but this is not to get pleasure from it. And in any case, I repeat, in no event it is impossible to share with the world their sexual fantasies – Madonna.

And finally – don’t be ageing. Because aging is a sin. You will be criticized, condemned and certainly will not put your songs on the radio. They called me crazy. But I think the craziest is that I’m still here – Madonna

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Michael is dead. Tupac is dead. Prince is dead. Whitney is dead. Amy Winehouse is dead. David Bowie dead. And I’m still holding on. I was lucky – Madonna.

If you are a feminist, you have no sexuality. You have to deny it. So I said, “fuck It. I belong to other feminists. I’m a bad feminist” – Madonna.

I want to say something to women around the world. We were oppressed, that we believe that we really are, as men say. Many women believe that their duty to support the man, and then everything will be fine. And in the world actually has a lot of decent men who need support, but the key word here is “decent”, not “men” – Madonna.

Note, Madonna has always supported women. Yes, many times she was judged for appearance, the image that she created. But she didn’t pay attention to the criticism and continued to do their job. So what I thought was right.

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