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Donbass can stay without water: the cause

Донбасс может остаться без воды: названа причинаMilitants to cease all contacts with the Ukrainian side.

Fighters self-proclaimed “DNR” do not make contact with the Ukrainian side, and postradaet from the civilian population on both sides of the line.

After the death of Alexander Zakharchenko “power” of the militants to cease all contacts with the Ukrainian side on the implementation and security of the reconstruction works on the territory ORDO. This was announced by the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Oleksandr Kuts.

Kutz reported that the September 10 held a meeting with the special representative of the Chairperson of the OSCE in the Trilateral contact group, Martin Sajdik. The meeting discussed a number of humanitarian issues that arose in the East of Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of Russia. In particular, raised the question of the intersection of KPVV and status of critical infrastructure.

According to him, the key problem, which the Ukrainian side is difficult to solve on their own, is a security guarantee for employees of critical infrastructure human settlements.

“If earlier on the cessation of hostilities for the restoration work was agreed through JCCC, after the release of there representatives of Russia’s key role in this matter began to be played by international organizations, particularly the OSCE. But after the death of the leader of the militants Zaharchenko occupation authorities stopped any contact with this reason. That’s why I stopped on the gas station in Krasnogorovka therefore still stopped DFS, where as a result of bad weather in the temporarily occupied territory broke the wire and went down th nerator, ” explained stubby.

He also asked Sidik actively raise the question of access of international organisations to prisons and other places where illegally detained Ukrainian citizens.

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