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Donald trump hard to embarrass with the Prime Minister of Spain

Дональд Трамп жестко оконфузился с премьером ИспанииIt seems that the President of the United States a little confused in public.

The President of the United States Donald trump after talks with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has named its President and misspelled his name in the social network.

“I am honored to receive the President of Spain Marianarou Joey. Thank you for supporting our efforts to isolate the brutal North Korean regime,” — said the head of the White house on Twitter.

At a joint press conference, trump also called the Spanish premiere of “Mr. President”. The video (1:00) shows how American leaders Rajoy reporters, reading a prepared text with such a tone, as if for the first time sees it. When trump calls President Rajoy, he sharply turns around and looks at him with bewilderment. The journalists called Rajoy, Prime Minister, but trump did not pay attention to it.

Officially the post Rajoy in Spanish it’s called Presidente del Gobierno, which literally translates as “President of the government.” However, this does not mean that Rajoy can be called by the President. It is possible that in the confusion the fault of the White house staff. Announcing press-conference on Twitter, the presidential administration also called the Spanish Prime Minister by the President. Do not immediately notice the mistake in The Washington Post.

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