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Domestic processor Baikal-T1 you can buy retail

Company “Baikal electronics”, a domestic manufacturer of processors and other chips, announced the launch of retail sales of some of its products. In particular, it affected CPU Baikal-T1 with marking VE-T1000, which has no relations to the same model of Terminator.

Processor Baikal-T1 arrived in retail stores today, and look for it in stores Chip & Dip. This CPU is exactly 4000 rubles, and it is difficult to say whether this inflated price – you need to wait for the results of its independent testing and comparison with its closest competitors from Intel and AMD, if any exist. Processor Baikal-T1 has just two cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, only 1 MB cache second level, the controller RAM DDR3-1600 that does not allow you to call it modern.

Besides all this, there are integrated interfaces Ethernet 1Gb and 10Gb, controller PCI-E gen3 x4, two SATA III and the same USB 2.0. About USB 3.0 and 3.1 the more the processor is not aware of. In the end we have a CPU national development, which hardly will interest the average user – it will pay attention again, only enterprises and not all small and medium business will definitely choose solutions from AMD and Intel as the more powerful and modern. So, who is the target retail Baikal-T1? The answer to this question we have.

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