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Dolls, drugs and electroshock in excerpts from the “Cult of Chucky”

Just recently we showed you four character posters from the new puppet slasher don Mancini, and now hold the same number of excerpts from the film. No specific spoilers here, so don’t worry about it.

Anything you didn’t know about the “Cult of Chucky”.

After the asylum for the criminally insane for the last four years, nick Pearce thinks it’s her, and not Chucky, killed her entire family. But once the psychiatrist enters a new therapeutic tool for group sessions with patients – too familiar for Nicki doll of the series “nice guy”. And soon the hospital starts killing. Maybe she’s not crazy?.. To help Nike in a hurry Andy Barclay, grown-up boy from the first film about Chucky. But on his way stands Tiffany, in love with Chucky the killer is.

The first one presents the piece of history we see a patient named Claire performed by grace Lynn Kung. She did not seem to believe in the existence of all sorts of dolls-maniacs, but soon changes his mind. Then we are shown not the best date Andy Barclay, in which he had to remember his difficult childhood. As in the first two films from the series “Children’s games”, the role Andy plays Alex Vincent. Two more passages devoted to the heroine Fiona Dourif. It’s a short interview with Michael Terrile in the image of Dr. Foley, ending with a dose of a drug and electroshock treatment.

Chucky here, but his presence all the time feels like it should be in a real slasher. What the result will be “Cult of Chucky” while we can only guess. Mancini, I remember, promised a kind of bloody “Beginning.” Psychology plus meat. In my opinion, sounds wonderful!

Probably find out on 3 Octoberwhen the “Cult of Chucky” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray. In the same month is expected to release on Netflix.

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