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Dogs that became war heroes. Photo

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. ФотоThe history of war dog heroes.

They have saved people’s lives.

Sergeant Stabby

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Brave dog in the famous jacket

During the First world war, a group of soldiers were trained in a training camp in Connecticut. Curious Boston Terrier wandered into the camp and immediately made friends with the recruits. The dog got the nickname “Stabby”. The friendship between the squad and the dog was so strong that men secretly carried the four-legged friend on a ship sailing on the French front.

Not having in training of military dogs, Stabby still served: warned about the attacks of the German troops, and once even grabbed the spy by the Trouser leg and not allowed to escape. Heroic dog went through 17 battles throughout Europe, sharing with the soldiers the trenches and the shelling.

“The dog of the regiment” was wounded in the leg and several times fell under the gas attack, but, after a short stay in hospital, returned to their comrades. The French, helping the allied forces, made for Stabby shape with military insignia and orders for conduct of the battle. Also on his chest sported a captured German Iron Cross, found one of the soldiers.

Stabby has repeatedly proven his exceptional courage, but the soldiers were concerned for his safety. Therefore, corporal George.Robert Conroy took the decision to demobilize the dog and return him to the United States of America. At home Stabby participated in many parades, wearing all his medals on his uniform.

After the war Conroy attended law courses at Georgetown University. There he took Stabby, which became a symbol of the University’s football team. Until the end of his life, the legendary dog was surrounded with glory and honor, visited dozens of celebrations and met with three presidents.

Judy was a purebred English pointer, standing in the service of the Navy of great Britain. The ship on which he served Judy, came under bombardment by Japanese aircraft in 1942. The dog fearlessly helped drowning sailors, and substituting them back. Thanks to her, many people were saved on the shore of the island in the China sea.

A few days saved searched the water and drink. Judy led them to the source of fresh water. A little later, the survivors came upon a Japanese village where they were captured. Not wanting to leave the fighting girlfriend, the soldiers hid Poynter during a trip to a pow camp in Indonesia.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Judy at the time of award of the medal, Maria dickin
The dog has taken all the hardship of prison life. One day she saw a pilot in the Royal Navy Frank Williams. Lean, hungry Judy was digging through the trash in search of food. Frank began to share her lunch.

Every time the overseers ill-treated or beaten the British, she was defending him and don’t let detractors. Frank, feel responsible for the dog’s life, feared retaliation by the Japanese guards, therefore achieved recognition Judy a prisoner of war, which guaranteed her immunity.

After three years of hardship, Frank and his faithful four-legged companion returned to England where the dog was awarded the medal of Mary Deakin (the highest British military award for animals). After just five years, Judy died of cancer. She was buried in the military cemetery as a hero.
Jet brave dog in the Second world war

Jet was a purebred German shepherd, fully black in color originally from Liverpool. His specialty was search and neutralization of saboteurs in Ireland. In particular, it is easy to find explosive devices.

During the Second world war, the dog began his journey with search and rescue after air strikes on London. For 11 hours, jet along with the other search dogs has rescued more than 100 people from the rubble of a collapsed hotel. On the personal account of a hero 50 saved.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Jet during the search for victims
When the search operation was over, and rescuers began to collapse search, jet began to give signs of concern and pointed to a pile of rubble. It turns out that under the stove was a woman unconscious. It also owes its life to the sensitive furry Savior.

The reward was not long in coming — in 1945, the jet received the medal, Maria dickin, but his service has not ended. In 1947, he saved more lives after the explosion in Liverpool. For that, the dog received a medal of valor of the Royal society for the protection of animals.

Jet was buried in a Liverpool Park, Calderstones. Memorial dedicated to the heroic dog still stands in the Park.

During the Second world war soldier named bill Wynne was taken from New Guinea yorkshirskogo tiny Terrier and named him Smokey (the dog was on a tropical island, unknown). Wynn together with your puppy set foot in the Philippine Islands. And as it turned out, not in vain.

The task was: to extend the telephone cable between the two camps for operational communications. The diameter of the pipe, which ran the cable, was equal to 20 cm, which means not one person could not accomplish the task.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

The only Yorkshire-hero
Using wire Wynn attached the wire to the Smokey and the extended cable by yourself, without any hints or orders from his master. This act saved the lives of 250 soldiers.

After this incident, Wynne fell ill and was in the hospital. Co-workers are unable to leave it without a faithful dog. The nurses immediately fell in love with a brave and a little Smokey. They took him for a walk and check-UPS seriously wounded soldiers.

Smokey is so good with dogs therapeutic role that he officially took on the position, and he became the first medical dog. In 1947 these shaggy was more than 700.

Irma was a German shepherd that started his military career during the Second world war dog-courier. The objectives were to deliver letters where it was impossible to stretch a telephone cable. Irma immediately showed himself as a brave and intelligent dog, so she was sent to a rescue corps, during air strikes on London.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Tombstone on the grave of Irma
She was trained to bark in different ways, depending on, the victim is alive or dead. The shepherd is so well coped with their duties that saved those whom the doctors already considered dead.

Once Irma two days was on duty at the wreckage of the collapsed building, while rescuers pulled from the rubble of two girls. In 1945 thoroughbred heroine received the medal, Maria dickin.

Before the Second world war Caesar was a courier in the family of Glaser (American millionaires), delivering packages in the Bronx.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Brave dog after the injury
The younger generation of glazers were called to war. Caesar followed them into the army and went to the regiment of couriers. Thanks to its skills and experience, the dog quickly rose in rank and began to work on the front lines. During service in the Pacific, he warned his commander, Rufus Mayo, the impending attack of the Japanese troops.

Waking up from the actions of Caesar, Rufus was able to throw a grenade flew from the enemies. The dog’s already attacked their opponents and took three shots. During the battle, Caesar left the scene of the battle, but after Rufus found it and gave it to the doctor. Three weeks later, war dog recovered and returned to service.

For many years, the Springer Spaniel named Buster served in hot spots around the world: in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, looking for explosive devices for British engineers. They say he saved thousands of lives.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Buster in front of the ribbon
After hours, Buster visited troops to raise morale. The user noticed that when Buster came back to the wounded the will to live and the depression otsala. Sergeant will barrow was the captain of the Buster while on duty and took him to his home after the end of military operations. They began to live a quiet life in Lincolnshire, England. Barrow believed that Buster was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder peculiar to veterans. The dog was afraid of fireworks and POPs even on a well-deserved retirement.

In 13 years, Buster, died in his master’s house. During an interview for the BBC, barrow said, “this dog has saved me every day while he was around. I owe him my life.”

During the Second world war air base to Darwin in Australia, the soldiers found a dog breed Kelpie. He was only six months. Doctors discovered he had a broken paw. After some time, Gunnar (as it was called by the soldiers) became the “son of the regiment” and responded with gratitude for their salvation, hearing from afar the sound of the engines of the Japanese planes.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Sensitive dog retired
He warned of the RAID for half an hour before it could detect the radar. Because of his sensitive hearing, large number of attacks were envisaged.

The reaction Gunnar was so accurate that Percy Wesley Westcott, the head of the service alerts received official permission to turn on the siren alarm by barking dog. Hardly anyone could imagine that the rescued puppy will guard the lives of their benefactors for many years.

In 2012, shepherd Lucca was in the service in the U.S. marine corps, searching out bombs in Afghanistan. She has successfully completed more than 400 missions and saved countless lives. During the last task Lucca approached the bomb too close. The explosion tore off one of her front paws.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Rodriguez and Lucca

Corporal Juan Rodriguez was there at the time. He quickly applied a tourniquet, stopped the bleeding and took the wounded dog to a safe place. Rodriguez took the dog under his wing and even slept there to be sure that Lucca is never left alone. The dog’s owner, Sergeant Chris Willingham said he would not return without your pet home.

Fortunately, shepherd fully recovered. After retirement, Lucca was awarded the medal, Maria dickin. This award in history awarded only 66 dogs.

In 2011, the US special forces was in Iraq on a secret mission. In the composition of the groups was also specially trained dogs, trained to find explosive devices and enemy soldiers. Cairo, a Belgian shepherd, was among the carefully selected for this important mission dogs.

Собаки, ставшие героями войны. Фото

Cairo before heading to Afghanistan

Night after night, Cairo looked for bombs and terrorists, while in the most dangerous places. The dog was trained to attack without fear into opponents, so that they could fend for themselves.

Dogs serving in the special forces, wearing special vests with a parachute and night vision goggles. This is the most high-tech military units. Cairo helped to successfully carry one of the most famous missions in the world: to find Osama bin Laden.

After retirement, the dog began to lead peaceful life with their masters: it helps to carry the products, protects the house and takes her children back.

Every hero deserves to be remembered. And our loyal, brave, lovable and faithful four-legged companions deserve no less. No matter whether it is large dogs or small dogs — each of them has a protector and friend.

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