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Dogs can understand human words

Собаки могут понимать слова человекаAnalysis of brain activity of dogs during word recognition indicated increased activity.

American researchers from Emory University conducted a study which attempted to test whether dogs can distinguish between normal words from a set of sounds that says the owner.

To check this, the experts conducted an fMRI experiment involving 12 dogs, which for six months studied show on the subject, having heard his name.

At a basic level ability to assimilate and production of language is expressed in the ability to distinguish words from pseudoself – set minimal distinctive units of meaning that make up words, phonetically and morphologically similar to those that exist in the language, but do not have any semantics, explained the authors.

Therefore, for this research, the scientists used these pseudoloma to find out how a person or animal perceives it.
Everyone knows that dogs can understand simple voice commands, that is, they have the slightest ability to perceive human speech. The authors of the new work suggested that if a dog can learn voice commands, so she can distinguish words from pseudoself – set of incomprehensible sounds.

If dogs have this ability, it should be reflected in brain activity in the parietal and temporal lobes – in the same way as humans.
To check this, American scientists conducted an experiment involving 12 dogs whose owners for several months and taught them to recognize different objects, pronouncing their names.

Throughout the study, the researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging: all animals before the start of the experiment all animals were carefully examined.

As told by the scientists during the main outcome of the test, the dog was lying in the scanner, and its owner stood before her, reading the word from the screen. The word could be real, describing a famous animal subject, and invented, which meant nothing.

After five repetitions of each word, the owner showed the dog named object and allow the animal to play with him. Brain activity during the experiment were recorded using pseudoloma as a control condition.

Analysis of brain activity of dogs during word recognition indicated increased activity in the temporo-parietal lobe in the processing of pseudoself. This means that dogs can distinguish known words from unknown pseudolus, – explained the researchers.

The scientists said that people like the experiment showed quite different results. Real words evoked greater activity in these areas. In the case of dogs, this may indicate that they – unlike humans – did not immediately understand that pseudoloma do not matter, and trying to process and remember.

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