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Does the Communist education?

Нужно ли коммунистам образование?

Another school year has begun. In schools, colleges and universities have sent thousands of students to gnaw granite of “apolitical” science. But in a class society, divided into wage earners and the oligarchs, “apolitical” means not that other, as the ideology of the ruling class – the capitalists. Schools, colleges and universities to educate new citizens, which become the backbone of the existing socio-economic system, carriers of bourgeois consciousness.

Нужно ли коммунистам образование?

It would seem that what can you do with this state of Affairs? How can you compete with such a powerful and well-functioning educational machine? But it’s absolutely clear that the Communists do not aim to smash his head against the wall or build a level with a bourgeois system of education is impossible. But the Communist movement had to be on the cutting edge science of its own personnel, to get up to a theoretical weight, for practical work with the workers.

Someone loud laugh: Communists – on the cutting edge of science? What are they doing there? However, the laugh is not worth it. We are not talking about the fact that the Communists began to prepare homemade nuclear physicists, bioengineers and nanotechnologists, deal with it as needed bourgeois institutions. We are talking about the preparation of the students and employees of the literate Communist leaders, agitators and propagandists who cannot do without a knowledge of philosophy, political economy and history, learned from a class position. These science after the bourgeois counter-revolution in the USSR suffered the emasculation and perversion. But they can explain the organization of society shape scientific (dialectical materialist) worldview. All this is the Foundation of Marxism-Leninism, who have to know the representative of the proletarian vanguard.

Where does this proletarian vanguard? From ordinary citizens. Unfair system of bourgeois society leads many employees, students and even schoolchildren to think about the causes of injustice. In search of answers, sometimes very zigzag way, people come in Marxist circles, left-wing political movements and parties, where I hope to engage in “serious business”, but I can’t find such, because of objective circumstances. Then the newly formed Communist suggest: study, study and study again. Only here, where and how – the big question!

How well staged in Russia work on the preparation of competent Communist cadres? This work is delivered badly. The overwhelming majority of young leftists engaged in self-education, but they are regularly engaged in one. It so happens that all the self is reduced to sporadic pochityvaya one or another of Marxist literature, and sometimes Vice versa and the man reads everything (necessary and unnecessary). Other left-wing gather together in circles for self-education (online or off-line), the study of which is similarly haphazard: without plan, without testing, without professional teachers in the subjects studied. The classes are conducted by activists of the Association, are diligent, but because of lack of time and specialized knowledge is superficial.

Often young leftists and the whole Marxist circles inexperience fall under the influence of “Marxist guru” – individuals with something proven in the left environment. It turns out wonderful symbiosis when people poorly understood Marxism leads people, to understand Marxism in its own way. In such a “symbiotic unions” educational growth of the participants is very slow because it is potentially harmful to the “Marxist guru”, because wiser fledglings can leave the nest and make the covenants of mentor. And for participants the situation is compounded by the fact that, first, they are engaged in the study of the works of his “guru” and they have no time for self-education; second, they are under the influence of “gurus” and don’t take criticism from the outside. Sect Kurginyan has become right, the most obvious but not the only example of such a “symbiosis” in Russia.

We can not say a few words about the educational work with the personnel in batches the old-timers. Rarely in any of them this work is carried out systematically by specialists, and the educational network is represented by at least several cities. So getting into such a party seeking application of their own powers of man, in most cases, will reduce opportunities for self-education, because the person fell a bunch of party work.

The picture is the following: some “self-sufficient” circles pupate on their own, others are isolated under pressure of the authority of the “guru”, others consider it below their dignity to work, giving preference to simple journalism. Left-wing parties and movements indulge his “secret” work, mostly, journalism and action. The level of knowledge even among the members of one organization may vary considerably and do not improve over time, and the author’s understanding of Marxism different “guru” look fat and so cluttered with stuff left theoretical range of new scientific hypotheses. Therefore, the Communist movement in Russia became scattered like a mosaic or puzzle, the edges of the images which are not joined together.

But not everything is as hopeless as it seems at first glance. There are certain activists, groups and movements that want to establish educational interaction with each other, to approach the problem scientifically, to choose from the previous experiences of the USSR optimum training program or create a new one, and to widely disseminate it among the circles. Anyway, it depends on personnel who have selected a program to implement. In most cases, the burden will fall again on activists, i.e. non-professionals that even if the new program does not guarantee quality. There is another problem. For example, in the USSR a particular course of party school organically overlapped to a quality school and University education. Today, people just do not have enough basic knowledge in order to perceive more complex information. Thus the gaps in the history, philosophy, political economy, logic, and sometimes the ability to read the book properly, make a summary, you need to fill, and that the left groups, movements and parties have neither the time nor the resources.

There is a solution! Take the help of teachers and scholars from the outside.

Today negotiations are underway between representatives of the Working University.Khlebnikov* (see below) and the Club of Left-wing Historians and social Scientists** (CLIO, see below) to open in Moscow off-line courses in the disciplines: history, philosophy and political economy. It will be lectures and seminars, homework and regular tests of their knowledge. While classes are scheduled once a week, alternating subjects, i.e. students can enroll and attend two of the course, e.g., history and philosophy (political economy and history; political economy and philosophy). There is information that history courses may be two: History of Russia from the founding of the state and history of the USSR (from October until WWII). Philosophy for students will begin with a course in the History of Philosophy (lecturer V. A. Harlamenko).

*The University name I. B. Khlebnikova — public Association, created in 1993 by scientists-Communists with the aim of Marxist education for workers. Sees his task in education, the development of students of the Communist ideology, training agitators and propagandists. For many years, RU has taught an annual course on national history, political economy and social philosophy. Founder and scientific Director of RU — doctor of philosophical Sciences, Professor of Moscow state University, Richard Ivanovich Kosolapov. The first rector of the RU (1993-1999) is a scientist, a social scientist, friend and pupil of R. I. Kosolapov Igor Khlebnikov. Over time, the audience joined the Council of RU. Along with education, the RU maintains extensive activities in the framework of cooperation with the Republic of Cuba, with the countries of the “left turn”, left-wing and Communist groups in Europe and Latin America. Also engaged in publishing (publishes a multi-volume documentary “Stalin. Works”).

**KLIO is a Union of left-wing historians and social scientists who support science against reaction, against the lies and falsifications of history. “History is a rigorous science, does not tolerate dilettantism, and distortion of facts!” – this opinion is shared by members of CLIO. The club was founded in 2018, is conducting historical discussions, round tables and conferences on various subjects. Chairman A. I. Kolpakidi. Participants: Yu.Zhukov, M. I. Meltyukhov, and others.

While only sketched the General outline of future courses, perhaps this endeavor will connect and professionals from other Sciences, contacts improve. There is an idea to prepare a video lecture courses to regions, to the comrades who want to study, could gain knowledge remotely, and to check them directly from the lecturers of the future Marxist University. Planned live broadcasts. In addition to the video, perhaps, will be produced in electronic or print magazine with additional explanations to past topics, answers to questions and other help. Thus approximately one year of weekly classes to interested comrades can significantly improve your knowledge, someone to fill in the gaps, someone to lay the educational Foundation. And all this under the supervision of professionals.

How much will one year of study in such Marxist University? On the one hand, for many workers and students it would be wonderful if classes were held free of charge. On the other hand, we all know the attitude of freeloading in Russia, if it costs nothing, so do not pity to miss or to sign up and not come. Therefore, it is possible to collect from participants a certain insurance for the first three months and who have missed a certain number of classes, insurance did not return. But it is the opinion of the author.

Who will assume the payment of facilities: the University or the students? Remains an open question. If classes will be held once a week in the same room, that means the University will suffice, but if you are wanting to learn will be more classrooms will need more, it is likely that the University will divide the payment in half with students. It all depends on the size of the stream.

As will be set, another important question. Should it be known to a narrow circle of persons participants in the Marxist circles of leftist movements and parties? Or the masses that are drawn to knowledge? Whether Moscow Marxist organization to give a sufficient number of students or better to make a mixed set? How big groups do? To give preference to coverage and to collect audience Packed or to give preference to exploring themes and understanding and to limit the group to ten people?

There are many questions remained to be addressed. But the main question is the relevance of the courses themselves. Whether the Communists “University” education or the old fashioned way – in a mug or a book under a blanket? The answer can only practice the wait is long, classes will begin in October, and set for a couple of weeks before school.

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