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Doctors urge often eat watermelons

Медики призывают чаще есть арбузыIt turns out that watermelons are not only delicious but also useful!

Watermelons are known for a large number of nutrients that are essential to our health and an attractive appearance. Here’s 5 reasons to have a juicy yummy right now.

Perfect skin

Every woman can realize the dream of silky, healthy skin by simply adding to your diet watermelon. According to doctors, vitamin a (retinol) contained in the berries, promotes skin rejuvenation. That is why it is often used for the manufacture of anti-aging cosmetics.

Healthy heart

Doctors say that the lycopene contained in watermelons, strengthens the heart and improves heart function. In addition, vitamin C, potassium, carotenoids reduce cholesterol and help the heart to resist various negative factors.

Good vision

Vitamin a, contained in the berries, protects eyes from age-related macular degeneration – a disease that affects the Central area of the retina.

Strong bones

With age, bones become more fragile and brittle. Fortunately, we have the perfect method of prevention – the same watermelon. Lycopene and potassium reduces the risk of bone injuries and injuries of the joints.

Healthy kidneys

To avoid kidney stones, doctors recommend regularly eat watermelon, as it increases the flow of urine, while not burdening the kidneys.

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