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Doctors told you what kind of meat is better not to eat

Медики рассказали, какое мясо лучше не естьA new major study confirmed that people who eat a lot of beef, pork and lamb, increased risk of early death from severe diseases.

The results of a study conducted by researchers from the National cancer Institute (USA), was published in the journal the BMJ.
The researchers analyzed data concerning nearly 537 thousand people aged 50 to 71 years. Monitor the health and diet of the participants was conducted for about 16 years. Scientists have divided people into groups in accordance with the level of consumption of red and white meat, to see how it affects their chances of dying during the observation period.

Red meat is meant beef, pork and lamb, and under the white — chicken, Turkey and fish. The researchers focused on deaths from nine types of severe diseases — cancer, heart disease, stroke and cerebrovascular disorders, respiratory diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic renal and liver failure — as well as from all causes.

For 16 years, died more than 128 thousand of the study participants. The most frequent causes of death were cancer, respiratory disease, heart attack and stroke. The analysis showed that only the risk of death from Alzheimer’s disease is not associated with the level of consumption of red meat, while the chances to die from eight other diseases the higher, the more such meat a person eats.

Overall, the calculations showed that the group with the highest consumption of red meat the risk of early death from any cause was 26% higher than the group with the lowest consumption of such meat. At the same time the white meat, on the contrary, protects from premature death, the researchers found. So, people who ate a lot of white and not red meat, the probability of dying during the observation period was 25% lower than that of people who prefer red meat. The level of meat consumption in both groups was the same.

Researchers believe that the basis of harm to health red meat, there are certain ingredients included in it. In particular, we are talking about nitrates and heme form of iron. Nitrates, which are present in sausages, ham and other meat products that have undergone technological processing associated with a 15 percent increased risk of death from all causes, and nitrates from failed processing meat increases the risk by 16%. A high intake of heme iron is associated with increased risk of premature death by 15% compared to low consumption of the substance.

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Commenting on the data obtained, John Potter (John Potter) from Massey University (New Zealand) urged to sharply reduce consumption of red meat. “The current level of meat consumption in developed countries is unprecedented in the history of mankind. It is necessary to reduce this figure to one-tenth of the existing level,” said Potter in an interview with Reuters.

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