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Doctors told why the sausage in the evening is dangerous

Медики рассказали, почему колбасу по вечерам есть опасноConsumption of food that contains saturated fats, it is better to move to an earlier time of day.

If there is such food in the evening, it can contribute to the violation of the biological rhythms, discovered the American specialists.

Scientists from the University of Texas concluded that in order to avoid failure of natural biorhythms to consume saturated fats should be at the right time of day. The night is not necessary, experts noted.

The study established that the regular presence of saturated fat in the dishes of the evening diet leads to disturbances in the synchronization process of cellular phenomena, important for maintaining normal functioning of the immune system. Against this background, and fails at the biorhythms regulating human existence in the daytime and at night. This failure, according to scientists, leads to a drop the body’s resistance to infections and is associated with an increased risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

“Our study showed that the biological clock can be disturbed by excessive consumption of saturated fats – especially when consumed in the run-up to the night. The most dangerous and widely used in the food industry palmitic acid”,- said the authors of the project.

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