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Doctors told why some people have permanently cold feet

Медики рассказали, почему у некоторых людей постоянно холодные ногиThe temperature of the human body regulate blood vessels.

As you know, some people get cold feet almost constantly. Their limbs remain cold even in the summer heat. Why is this happening? And what can prevent such a symptom?


They expand, giving excess heat, or narrowed, trying to save it. That is why many doctors first begin to suspect in patients suffering from cold extremities, those or other vascular disease. The well-known Russian doctor Sergey Agapkin advised anyone who is constantly freezes, seek the assistance of the vascular surgeon. According to Agapkina, cold feet can be one sign of atherosclerosis. Doctor of medicine Natalie Evans on the website of the Cleveland clinic also reports that cold feet can signal serious health problems. Hundreds of limbs in particular are a common symptom of scleroderma, characterized by lesions of small vessels.


Cold feet can also be due to the influence of hormones. According to scientists, this is why women get cold much more intensely than men. As reports the edition Naked-Science, a Dutch Professor affect our policies. OLE Fanger Vasyl that women’s blood vessels are more sensitive to environmental changes. Even a slight lowering of the temperature causes in women a sharp contraction of blood vessels. For this reason, it often happens that many women limbs are cold even in the warm summer months. In addition, according to the scientists in the publication of Globalscience, during the menstrual cycle in the female body levels of the hormone estrogen is in an unstable state. It then decreases, then increases. Also “jumps” and the temperature of the female body. Trying to protect themselves from the cold, the vessels constrict. A large proportion of the blood goes to vital organs (heart, lungs, etc.), and get the remains of the limb. Often women’s feet comes to a total of 20 milliliters of blood per minute. And this despite the fact that this volume can reach up to 2-3 liters.

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Australian scientists from Sydney say that as the feet can be used to diagnose a wide variety of ailments. So, according to Dr Kate McArthur, cold feet may indicate the development of diabetes. In addition, as scientists say, the limbs are cold and when violations of the liver and thyroid. These bodies are involved in energy metabolism in the human body. When they start to “act up”, the blood begins to circulate in a small circle, thereby preserving precious energy. Experts say that limbs, however, remains to be content with little. That is why they feel cold.

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