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Doctors told why it is useful to sleep during the day

Медики рассказали, почему полезно спать днемEven ten minutes a day have positive results.

That sleep is useful, knows each of us. Although there is a need to sleep seven to nine hours every night, if you sleep you still failed, you can “get” lost sleep during the day. Sleep in the second half of the day is a great idea.

This is a great way to regain lost energy.

Experts have identified six reasons why you should not neglect afternoon sleep:

1. Afternoon sleep is soothing.

If you are feeling frustrated and anxious, it’s time to get some sleep. People who spent an hour to take a NAP after lunch, until the evening feel calmer and more confident.

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2. The increase in concentration.

Sleep helps to recover, so you will be more careful behind the wheel and also cope during the day with difficult tasks at work.

3. The decrease in blood pressure.

In the second half of the day sleep can calm you and lower blood pressure, say British researchers.

4. The improvement of memory.

A study conducted in Germany proved that people who sleep for about an hour in the afternoon, improving the ability to memorize large amounts of information.

5. Stimulation of creative thinking.

If you notice a decrease in creative potential, then it’s time to get some sleep. People who rest day, show an increase in creative abilities.

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6. Prevention of heart disease.

It has been shown that people who sleep during the day, have less problems with cardiovascular system. Resting after lunch is a good way to protect your health from stress.

Even ten minutes of rest result

Of course, not everyone has the time to sleep during the day. But to allocate at least ten minutes to rest can almost all. Lie down comfortably and allow at least ten minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet. Even a short stay will have a positive impact on all body systems.

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