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Doctors told why it is dangerous to walk home without shoes

Медики рассказали, почему опасно ходить дома без обуви  Even synthetic carpets are doing their share of negativity in health.

I’m a germaphobe – someone who is afraid of germs. They say that for this reason, many go home in Slippers. No matter how my gender is still something “sticks”. Probably, such chistyuli not heard anything about the study, researchers at Arizona state University, have established that at the usual sole “resident” 421 thousand bacteria, up to 90 per cent of which instantly “populate” the cleanest tile floors at the first step in the kitchen.

Ames Adalia an expert on infectious diseases Centre for medical research University, Johns Hopkins University, says that up to 99 percent of germs found on the planet, do not pose any danger.

“Therefore, removing shoes, or remaining in it, the number of harmful microorganisms around you not much change, of course, if you do not come from the laboratory where is prepared the rat poison or something like that,” says Ames Adalia. However, according to doctors, this does not mean that the house will want to walk barefoot. Use this the body will not bring.

Rustam Fakhrutdinov – podiatrist in composition of the group of experts participated in experiments proving the positive effect of walking without shoes – especially for people suffering from the plantar fasciitis and its consequences, such as heel spurs, corns, bunions on his feet. But there is one caveat: only need to walk on uneven ground: sand, pebbles, grass, special mats. Only in this case, the entire muscular-ligamentous apparatus of the foot is activated correctly. Having a very complex structure, the human foot performs a very important function, which is cushioning and holding the body. When a person walks on a rough surface, the whole weight of his body falls on the first and fifth metatarsal bones (they are under the thumb and the little finger) and the heel bone. The rest of the bones in this moment would like to form arches the transverse and longitudinal arches. When we day to day go barefoot on a flat surface, one of the arches begins to descend and another to rise. As a result, the foot is constantly collapses, it develops a flat, the load on the spine increases, resulting in disturbed functioning of the internal organs.

“As a gynecologist I would “shut his eyes” to walk on the floor barefoot, if he were of pure wood, and not painted, and polished stitch”, says doctor Maria Rasulov. Female doctor explained that because the floor surface in the vast majority of apartments – this is the best pressed wood chip sawdust in the form of a laminate, and tile, porcelain tiles, linoleum, hypothermia of the foot even in the summer guaranteed. And this is a direct path to disease of the pelvic organs, urogenital system.

Even synthetic carpets are doing their share of negativity in the health of the barefoot family member. The materials of construction for such floorings, actively accumulate static electricity that prolonged exposure leads to disorders in the nervous system. Also, a person can be, at first glance, unreasonable headaches, insomnia, General fatigue. And in the winter when static electricity is especially high, doctors often record of cardiovascular disease caused by exposure to such electricity.

Recently gaining popularity the movement of barefooters – people who move entirely barefoot and strongly promote “where barefoot walking was told”. Supposedly so inherent nature. European doctors are sounding the alarm: people today are not adapted for walking without shoes. First, because feet their feet are very delicate and sensitive, and all around a lot of debris, glass, combustion products of gasoline, pesticides, sharp objects, often bearing a mortal danger (discarded needle addict). Second, even the house feet are not protected from the aggressive impact of various chemical antimicrobials, which we MOP the floor. And thirdly, it is the same strain of the foot on a flat surface.

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