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Doctors told why hurt your eyes

Медики рассказали, почему болят глазаDiscomfort from the foreign body can vary from mild to severe.

In some cases, such as eye injury, cause of pain is obvious. But it is often difficult to understand why it hurts your eyes. To complicate the situation, acute pain in the eyes does not indicate how serious the primary cause of discomfort.

In other words, a relatively minor problem, such as a superficial abrasion of the cornea can be very painful and in a toga even lead to infection – then you may need a product such as okomistin price. But some very serious eye diseases – including cataracts, macular degeneration, the most common type of glaucoma, retinal detachment and diabetic eye disease – don’t cause any pain in the eyes.

Painful eye can cause different sensations and accompanying symptoms, which can help your eye doctor to determine the cause of your discomfort and prescribe the right treatment pain in the eyes. They include:

– sharp, stabbing sensation; burning eye; dull pain; – a feeling that something is “in your eye” (foreign body sensation).
Eye pain also is often accompanied by blurred vision, redness (bloodshot eyes) and sensitivity to light.

Often, eye pain that feels like “something in the eye”, actually caused by the irritation or inflammation of the front surface of the eye, especially the cornea. Common causes of pain originating from the anterior surface of the eye or inside the eye include:

A foreign body on the cornea. It is not surprising that that often causes foreign body sensation in the eye, is an actual foreign body. The usual foreign bodies that can stick to the surface of the cornea and embedded in it, include metal shavings, inorganic grit (sand, tiny stone particles), sawdust and other organic materials.

Discomfort from the foreign body can vary from mild to severe, and, as a rule, it is most unpleasant when you blink (the eyelid often rubs it while blinking). Blurred vision and sensitivity to light are also common.

A foreign body requires urgent attention from an eye doctor, because the material embedded in the cornea, can cause serious eye infection. Most foreign bodies of the cornea can be easily removed in the doctor’s office with the appropriate tools. Antibacterial eye drops may be prescribed to prevent infection while the cornea heals.

Abrasion of the cornea. It scratched the cornea. Although most corneal abrasions are not serious, they can be very uncomfortable and cause light sensitivity and watery eyes. Many superficial scratches on the cornea heal on their own within 24 hours.

But deeper abrasions can lead to serious eye infections and even corneal ulcer if left untreated. Since it is often impossible to determine whether eye pain minor scratch, a deep abrasion or foreign body of the cornea, it is advisable to consult an eye specialist to identify any acute eye discomfort, which passes quickly to determine the root cause.

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