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Doctors told why complete women need to consume omega-3

Медики рассказали, почему полным женщинам необходимо налегать на Омега-3Became known, from what diseases the women can protect food and medicine with omega-3 fatty acids.

Scientists are constantly looking for conservative methods of treatment of certain diseases, which would be not less effective than antibiotics and other drugs Deplete the human body from the inside. It is worth noting that researchers work not just for all the years they were able to improve their knowledge with regards to the influence of certain substances on human health.

In one of the last research, for example, scientists were able to establish a link between cancer and omega-3 fatty acids, the latter in the literal sense of the word, not allow cancer to develop in the mammary glands, and also act as an effective prophylactic agent against breast cancer.

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Doctors are confident that this miraculous omega-3 lies in its ability to resist inflammatory processes in the human body. Plus, thanks to this substance can delay for several years the aging of cells and skin tissues, and this means that they will longer stay strong and the cancer cells will have nowhere to grow as they often appear in the weakened internal organs and systems.

Most interesting is what came in the end researchers is to ensure that the full women at risk of breast cancer, you can protect yourself from malignancy, if you will lean on omega-3 fatty acids in pure form, i.e., in food or in pharmaceutical preparations. Even better when the diet contains foods rich in omega-3 and vitamin complexes with this substance. But women should be a high index of body mass index and the higher it is the norm, the greater the opportunity for fatty acids to confront breast cancer.

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Such a medical conclusion does not mean that slim women and men makes no sense to consume omega-3 because this material has many positive and unique attributes. And certainly it can act as a great preventive agent of various diseases, including cancer.

These products contain omega-3 fatty acids:

– fatty fish, seafood, and fish oil;

– len,

– nuts;

pumpkin and its seeds;

– avocado, broccoli, cauliflower;

– greens;

– eggs and cheese.

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