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Doctors told why can cold hands and feet

Медики рассказали, почему могут мерзнуть руки и ногиTips freezing

In England the middle ages the law allowed divorce in the case where one of the spouses was cold extremities. This feature of the body was considered so serious a flaw that was equivalent to adultery.

What are the causes of cold hands and feet? If icy time you got wet feet, but the apartment is walking drafts, everything is clear. A similar problem can always be solved and she will not threaten our health. However, if limbs like ice even in the hottest time of the year, the condition needs attention: increased sensitivity to cold can be a symptom of various pathologies. Therefore it is necessary to consider this issue in detail.

The main causes of cold hands and feet

Cold hands and feet can be for different reasons. Too sensitive to cold extremities are people who at least once made their frostbite. Provoke increased sensitivity to cold, some medications, most often beta-blockers.
Permanent diet, another reason why cold hands and feet.

In addition increased merlefest affects people who lead a sedentary sedentary lifestyle, as well as those who have asthenic body type – slender and dainty. For them, the recommendation that one maintain an active lifestyle and move more.
However, cold feet and hands are very often a harbinger of serious diseases.

For example, patients with diabetes almost always suffer vascular system, which is the main reason of the increased chilliness of the feet and palms. Diabetics have cold hands and feet can signal the potential risk of developing diabetic foot.

Low hemoglobin level is another reason why cold hands and feet. Because iron-deficiency anemia worsens the supply of oxygen to the tissues, slow processes of heat production and metabolism.

Hypertension is one of the most serious causes Sanusi limbs. For high blood pressure (BP) spazmiruyutsya vessels, blood flow becomes slow, as a result, the person constantly freezing feet and hands. In the case of the tendency to lowering of blood pressure, blood flow becomes sluggish, and this particularly affected limbs.

Age-related changes in the body – also cause cold hands and feet and increased chilliness. After all, with age in humans decreases muscle mass, metabolism is slow, and thus significantly deteriorates the body’s ability to self-control.

Cold hands and feet can be a sign of disorders in the endocrine system. For example, increased sensitivity to cold affects people with hypothyroidism. In this disease, all metabolic processes, including heat transfer, happen in slow motion. Hence the constant feeling of coldness, chronic fatigue, deterioration of memory and concentration, brittle nails, dull hair.

What to do if your hands and feet are constantly cold. Treatment

If chilly limbs are not associated in humans with specific circumstances and are observed constantly, need to undergo appropriate medical examination to establish the cause of this phenomenon.

Treat cold hands and feet themselves can not, because chilly limbs, in most cases, are sledstviem, some of the disease.

However, there are several effective recommendations on how to improve their “frost”. First of all, you need to follow the diet. In the menu you want to include protein foods (meat low-fat varieties, beans); seafood, rich in unsaturated fatty acids; vegetables and fruits with a high content of vitamin C. it is Useful to drink a lot. Increasing the amount of fluid we improve the bloodstream, this warm and limbs.

If the reason of cold hands and feet – a result of constant nervous tension, it is possible to take a sedative plant-based, for example, Valerian, motherwort, or peony. To improve peripheral circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels and help a special multivitamin complexes with vitamin A, C, E, b, PP.

People with zaboski limbs is very important to correctly choose shoes and clothing. Should reject artificial materials, not to wear shoes made of imitation leather, forget about slimming tights, corrective underwear, tight jeans and tight belts which considerably worsen blood circulation in the body.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment of the underlying disease, and also training vessels. To improve the muscle tone helps hardening contrast shower in the morning and a warm bath with sea salt before sleep.

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