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Doctors told who the bananas is better not to eat

Медики рассказали, кому бананы лучше не естьHarmful than bananas

Bananas – one of the most frequently purchased fruits by Russians. Mainly because they are rich and sweet. But experts in the field of healthy nutrition decided to remind you that bananas are not harmless, and under certain health problems of their use should be avoided.

The risk to gain weight. Talking about what can be harmful bananas, experts remind us that bananas are not a good diet food, as they have quite a lot of calories and carbohydrates. In contrast, for example, from apples, or oranges, bananas is a light snack. They are best suited nutrition physically active and sports people, whose body burns in a day a lot of energy. For people who are prone to an inactive lifestyle, bananas can be of some danger, because it is unlikely to promote harmony.

Harmful in case of problems with blood vessels. Bananas should not be in the diet of people who experienced a heart attack or stroke, as well as suffering from thrombophlebitis or varicose veins. The fact that bananas have the ability to thicken the blood and increase its viscosity, which increases the likelihood of thrombosis.

Can cause pain. Another unexpected harmful side bananas – they can be a source of pain, headache, toothache, or stomach. According to experts, pain syndrome contributes to the complex of contained in bananas in large amount of tyramine and starch.

Provoke bloating. Bananas are slow to digest, and consumption of these vegetables before meals can cause bloating, and other discomfort. Eat bananas should be after lunch or dinner – in any case not on an empty stomach. Also, do not drink after eating bananas water.

Increase sugar in the blood. Due to the properties to increase the level of glucose in the body bananas are often called the most harmful fruits for diabetics. This is not so. Bananas in this disease are allowed, but their use in diabetes should be neat, for example, are allowed to eat one banana a day, in small pieces.

Lose beneficial properties. Bananas have a wide range of useful properties, but can lose them, if you have violated the rules of collection, transportation and storage of fruits. Unscrupulous manufacturers bananas are treated with special chemicals for long-term preservation presentation, which undoubtedly harms the quality of bananas.

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