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Doctors told, who should not eat oatmeal

Медики рассказали, кому не стоит есть овсянкуPorridge from oat groats – the “classic” Breakfast.

Oatmeal is considered to be mega-useful and constantly recommended for use. But be aware: in oatmeal are not only healthy components. There are categories of people that this product is not suitable.

Oatmeal is present phytic acid, and it is an unsafe element. Phytic acid slows down the intestinal absorption of calcium and thus can cause deficiency of essential body mineral. In addition, phytic acid accelerates the leaching of calcium from bones.

For this reason, physicians suggest extreme caution to give porridge to young children, whose bodies are in great need of calcium for the formation of skeleton and teeth. If the child is weakened, it grows slowly, oatmeal is better to completely eliminate from the diet. For healthy children, its use is permitted, but strictly in moderation.

Also oatmeal may be undesirable for older women. After menopause the female body begins to suffer from a lack of calcium that leads to brittle bones and osteoporosis, tendency to fractures. There is oatmeal under such circumstances, it’s not that at all, but certainly not every day. According to scientists, there are other much more useful of porridge – grits, buckwheat or millet, oatmeal should be much more rare dish.

In addition, oatmeal is not suitable for people whose body can not tolerate gluten containing gluten. Suffering from this disorder are unable to digest not only oats but other grains – rye, wheat and barley. Doctors suggest that often the gluten intolerance in children, so when feeding cereals, parents need to carefully monitor the effects and if you experience problems with digestion is necessary to see a therapist.

Very undesirable to use the kind of oatmeal experts believe Breakfast cereals in the form of cereals, which require only filling with milk. Regular consumption of these cereals may contribute to the development of diabetes, experts warn.

“Except for phytic acid in this product also contains a lot of starch. During digestion it is converted into glucose, which triggers release of large amount of insulin,” – said the scientists.

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