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Doctors told which house plants improve health

Медики рассказали, какие домашние растения укрепляют здоровье Houseplants is not only beautiful but also useful.

In our house there must be more plants. The study showed that they improve health by improving air quality and reducing the risk of dry skin.

The presence of plants in the house can make us healthier by improving quality of inhaled air and saturate it with plenty of oxygen. The researchers found that these plants like a peace Lily and ivy, provide benefits in many ways. These plants are considered to be “hungry” because they require a lot of water and sunlight.

However, their needs have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the room. Houseplants emit water into the air and absorb carbon dioxide, in response to giving oxygen. This is a very affordable and simple way to protect from dryness and trouble breathing or lung related diseases as suggested by researchers from the University of reading.

Scientists evaluated the effects of a variety of plants on indoor air. It turned out that the peace Lily and ivy are the best because they absorb the maximum amount of carbon dioxide and water. The researchers emphasize that a person today spends about 90% of the time indoors.

Therefore, plants with a high degree of oxygen and water in the atmosphere to provide the best level of moisture. High humidity promotes normal skin hydration. If our skin is constantly dry, then it contributes to the irritation and the appearance of different problems with breathing or sinus infections.

Previous studies have also concluded that in areas with high humidity rarely covered by the flu, since moisture prevents him to travel through like air. Well, the uptake by plants of carbon dioxide and allocation in response to oxygen is very important for human body health.

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