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Doctors told when to drink water

Медики рассказали, когда нужно пить воду A glass of water on an empty stomach is useful to the body.

Drink water in the morning is a very useful habit. Discipline yourself to start the day with a glass of water, and you will definitely preserve and improve your health.

First, the water in the morning improves the metabolism. The main rule of the diet – normal metabolism and water helps him. Therefore, a small drinking vessel could be your first step to the desired figure.

Second, water helps the body eliminate toxins. None of the cleaning or the diet not be able to fully cleanse your body if you’re not going to support this process a constant intake of water. And a glass of water on an empty stomach contributes to a very rapid removal of harmful substances from the body.

Thirdly, the water curbs the appetite. Filling the stomach with water, you won’t be able to overeat, and the desire to eat will not be as strong.

In addition, the water involves a fat deposits in the metabolism. Fourth, the water reduces the level of acidity. This feature can help to eliminate heartburn and prevent the appearance of kidney stones.

Drinking water must warm for 30-40 minutes before Breakfast. But if you suddenly don’t really like plain water, can mix it with honey or add a bit of lemon.

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