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Doctors told, what useful properties of ginger root

Медики рассказали, какими полезными свойствами обладает корень имбиряBecame aware of the health benefits can bring the ginger, if you start to use it on a regular basis.

Ginger root is often irrelevant, because people do not know about its unique properties, rendering the human body a huge benefit that cannot be underestimated. Of course the price of ginger is not so affordable as we would like, but in the season of flu and other infectious diseases, this product is vital to include in your diet.

The rich ginger root?

Vitamins a, almost all of groups b, C.

Amino acids: methionine, lysine, threonine and others.

Acids: Caprylic, linoleic, Niacin, and oleic acid.

Minerals: zinc, manganese, magnesium, chromium, phosphorus, choline, calcium, asparagine.

Essential oil, cellulose, glucose.

Judging by the set of substances, ginger root mega-healthy. Consider its basic properties:

1. Speeds up the metabolism. Thanks to the fiber and micro fiber, ginger can also affect the gastrointestinal tract, establishing metabolic processes.

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2. Burns fat and excretes excess cholesterol. Ginger is often referred to as the best product for losing weight. And who wants to get rid of the hated 2-3 kg do not even need to diet and to walk for exercise, it is enough to use ginger daily.

3. Strengthens the immune system. Due to vitamin C in its composition, ginger can improve the immune system, to make it strong and reliable.

4. Helps to heal colds. Essential oil and other nutrients, which are rich in ginger, fight harmful microorganisms and provide a person reliable protection from viruses.

5. Can act as analgesic. Traditional healers have long practiced this recipe as an analgesic poultice with grated fresh ginger, which should be applied to the affected area. They argue that the pain in a few minutes diminished, and then may disappear altogether.

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6. To stop vomiting and to eliminate the nausea. Pregnant women proven that the scent of fresh ginger can at the moment to relieve the symptoms of toxicity.

Interesting facts about ginger root:

– brush the root should be more carefully, removing a thin layer of skin, otherwise, however, it is possible to cut all useful substances contained in the pulp;

– cut ginger is not on the usual wooden Board, as it absorbs its juice;

dried ginger is about four months is considered useful, because it retains its unique substance, but the fresh — only a week remains useful, then the useful properties disappear.

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