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Doctors told what the Breakfast

Медики рассказали, для чего нужен завтракBreakfast is the energy for the whole day.

There is a saying: “bread around the head”.

About the same opinion is shared by scientists about Breakfast. It is known that Breakfast should be. However, not everyone turns to follow this setup: someone too early, someone’s always late, someone just can’t eat in the morning a single piece. How to try to convince myself that Breakfast is a must?

Breakfast is the Foundation of the diet. It is known that the main meal should be about 30-40% of the total human diet. Breakfast should be hearty to provide human energy for the first half of the day. The maximum consumption of calories is observed from 8 to 12 days. It is very important that during this period the body is not starving. Best consumed for Breakfast complex carbohydrates or proteins. For example, oatmeal with honey and nuts or scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. It is established that people who skip Breakfast, eat for lunch and dinner about 500 extra calories. This can lead to excess weight and slowing the metabolism. For Breakfast are allowed to indulge in your favorite treats, such as chocolate or candy 2-3. They are absolutely not reflected in the figure, because sweets eaten in the morning will help the body to recover after a night of rest.

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Breakfast is needed for the brain! At night the resting human brain, he barely responds to external stimuli (noise, light). The brain is fully transferred to the passive state. Therefore, it is important to charge it with energy in the morning. It is not enough to have a Cup of coffee with chocolate. The brain needs good nutrition. A proper Breakfast will help you concentrate better during the day, the memory will work more efficiently, but carelessness will almost disappear

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