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Doctors told, what should be the perfect dinner

Медики рассказали, каким должен быть идеальный ужинNutritionists have labeled the formula “proper” dinner.

Returning home tired from work, almost everyone has neither the time nor the desire to cook dinner, and even of wholesome foods, but eat while we all almost the same.

Nutritionists have shared their rules for the perfect dinner, in the preparation of which you will spend not so much time:

Align the protein product of nekrahmalistye vegetables. It can be chicken or rabbit with asparagus, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers and so on. According to experts, this is the most correct combination of products that allows to maintain the shape and weight unchanged. By the way, to eat such food even pretty late and this dinner will not cause excess weight.

No fruit. Forget about fruit for dinner, because they increase the level of glucose in the blood, and even kindle the appetite.

Change the power mode. If you have in the evenings is categorically not enough time to cook healthy meals, then in the afternoon you need to eat, e.g., pasta with sauce and meat. And for dinner you will be a light meal that you had with the afternoon tea.

In the restaurant, and order simple meals. The more processes involved in the kitchen to prepare any meals, so it will eventually have more calories. Do not depart from the formula for the perfect dinner – order baked fish or meat with vegetables or fresh vegetable salad.

Prepare your dinner in advance. Put morning from the freezer to the fridge the salmon steak or chicken to unfreeze and prepare the vegetables that will eat if they’re frozen, they along with the meat to defrost and come home to cook in a pan or in the oven.

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