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Doctors told what is the use of daily consumption of fish oil

Медики рассказали, в чем польза ежедневного употребления рыбьего жираA panacea for many diseases.

Comfortable cod liver oil replaced the traditional jars with liquid, which terrified the Soviet children. The experts identified 7 reasons why we all need a regular intake of these capsules.

It is the richest source of vitamin D. Although most vitamin D is produced in our body under the influence of the sun, living in Sunny countries like Russia, people are often faced with the shortage of this important vitamin. Capsules fish oil allow this deficit to be filled.

It prevents mental problems. A study in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry showed that omega-3 contained in fish oils help people with risk of developing mental illness, including schizophrenia and psychosis.

Protects the eyes. Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the world. Capsules with fish oil, which is a combination of vitamin A and fatty acids omega-3 help to prevent this dangerous eye condition.

Strengthens bones. Fish oil is the richest source of vitamin D, which is extremely useful for bone health. Diseases such as rickets, are caused by its deficiency, as this vitamin facilitates the absorption of calcium. That’s why we need to consume at least two capsules daily.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system. Capsules fish oil allow you to keep your heart in great shape, as shown by numerous studies. If you are a diabetic, then the chance of developing heart disease is quite high. Fish oil supplements protect the heart from heart attacks and strokes.

Protects against ulcers. Stomach ulcers are an unpleasant illness, but regular capsules fish oil affects them positively. They have cytotoxicity properties for the gastrointestinal system, which reduces the development of ulcers and the level of pain that they cause.

Protect from cancer. Modern lifestyle makes people more vulnerable to various toxins and carcinogens that increase the risk of cancer. One of the prominent risk is the deficiency of vitamin D. It and help to fill capsules with fish oil.

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