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Doctors told what is dangerous to health long-term sleep

Медики рассказали, чем опасен для здоровья длительный сонLong sleep may harm your health.

Scientists say that the normal human sleep should not last more than eight hours, a deviation in one direction or another, it is considered as a personal feature of the body. However, long sleep may harm your health.

American scientists have conducted studies which found that long sleep is directly linked to the development of depression. Exceeding the duration of night sleep increases risk of depression by 25%, if an adult often sleeps for 9 hours or more a day, a pathological condition occurs in 50% of cases.

Long sleep affects the deterioration of the brain, moreover, it negatively affects concentration and memory. Fans to get up later in the output often have a tendency to diabetes mellitus of the second type, the risk of unpleasant metabolic disease is increased in two times.

The pattern is evident regardless of such factors as: age, weight, harmful habits, heredity.

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