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Doctors told what is dangerous dirty linen

 Медики рассказали, чем опасно грязное постельное бельеFive reasons to frequently change bed linens.

Most people in the world today live at a frantic pace. Which is only one morning: Wake up. to cheer up, to clean myself up, to do exercises or go to gym, cook Breakfast, get the kids off to school… In this hustle and bustle we often do not have neither the time nor the energy for basic things, for example, once a week to wash bedding. But if you sleep regularly on dirty bed linen, you need to know about the negative consequences that can affect your body.

1. Rash

Rashes, inflammation, acne, irritation and early signs of aging can be a consequence of the fact that your linen is not fresh. Every night we leave on bedding dead skin particles of your skin, hair, sebum, perspiration and other unpleasant things. It serves as an excellent breeding ground for bed mites and microorganisms. So never go to bed, not having removed the makeup and without a shower.

2. Skin irritation and eczema

The situation may worsen, if you have sensitive and prone to irritation skin. If your linen is not fresh, try at least not to smear the face at night with a fat cream and to not sleep face in the pillow.

3. Fungal and bacterial infections

We all perspire at night, and moisture, as is well known, a great environment for bacteria, fungi and mold. For example, mold spores kladosporium who especially likes to grow on carpets, can cause asthma, pneumonia and fungal infections of the body onychomycosis. Studies show that one-week bed linen microbes significantly greater than on the door handle of the toilet!

4. Dust mites

These parasites are part of the spider family and feed on dead skin scales. They can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin, and chronic respiratory diseases. The longer you leave the wash, the harder it will be to truly get rid of mites.

5. Allergies

It is not surprising that bacteria and dust mites can cause or worsen allergies, targeting the weakened immune system. Three main things that need to be avoided on the bedding is dust mites, mold and fungus. They cause allergies and worsen existing ones. Do not spare money on linens made of hypoallergenic materials: they do not absorb moisture, so mold and mites can’t reproduce.

According to experts, to wash the linen at least once a week. Also don’t forget to change synthetic pillows every two or three years and duvets every five or six years. Thus you will protect yourself, not leaving the slightest chance of the ticks and bacteria to transform your life into a nightmare. And one last tip: store bed linen exclusively in a dry place.

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