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Doctors told what drinks dangerous to drink on an empty stomach

Медики рассказали, какие напитки опасно пить на голодный желудокThe perfect drink to Wake up call the water.

There are a number of drinks that people like to drink as soon as I woke up. But experts do not recommend to do that and explained why.

First on the list is cold water. Experts note that it is not necessary to drink immediately after waking up, because it provokes stomach cramps.

This can lead to stomach pain and indigestion.

The same threat is mineral water due to the gases it irritates the delicate mucous tissue of the digestive organs, and it may even lead to inflammation.

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And if in the stomach at that time, no food – these acids may damage tissue by running the mechanisms of development of gastritis and ulcers.

Fresh juices also do not need to drink on an empty stomach, they have these coffee properties.

Fermented milk drinks are best consumed after the main course. If you drink sour milk or yogurt on an empty stomach, the beneficial bacteria will die in the new environment.

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Bad coffee on an empty stomach because of the caffeine, which activates the excretory system of the body – begin vigorously to produce digestive juices and bile.

The perfect drink to Wake experts called plain water at room temperature.

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