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Doctors told, what can cause the flu

Медики рассказали, к чему может привести грипп The flu can lead to stroke

The flu by 40% increases the chance of encountering a stroke, the study showed. Moreover, this increased risk persists for more than a year.

Flu more than 40% increases the probability of stroke, and this risk persists for more than one year, as found by scientists from Columbia University. But if you consider that many people get the flu every year, a chronically elevated risk of stroke they may experience life.

The researchers don’t know why the flu affects the risk of stroke, but I assume that the reason for this are inflammatory processes that occur after contact with influenza virus in the body. In particular, we are talking about internal swelling.
American scientists obtained data suggest that vaccination against influenza may reduce the risk of stroke.

Before science became aware of the fact that the flu can lead to serious and life-threatening complications, including pneumonia, sepsis and heart disease. And now scientists have reviewed the medical history of more than 30 000 people who came to the hospital with strokes. 49% were men, 84% lived in urban areas, and the average age of the patients was 72 years. Scholars interested in records of hospitalizations during two years before the development of stroke.

They found that if these patients had previously complained about the flu, the risk of stroke they have increased by 40%. Particularly high influenza increased the risk of stroke during the first 15 days after the development of characteristic symptoms of the virus. However, records confirmed that this increased risk persisted for more than one year.

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