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Doctors told this is dangerous to eat tangerines

Медики рассказали, кому опасно есть мандариныIt turns out that the most popular fruit Dec can harm the health.

New year many people associated with the scent of tangerines and spruce. All other winter fruit somehow on the back burner when the season begins tangerines. Even the sour tangerine can improve mood and make your home the sights and spirit of holiday magic. But as it turned out, the mandarins are not so useful, or rather, for some people they are considered to be particularly dangerous products.

So, who can not lean on mandarins:


The fact is that the mandarins, like other citrus fruits, are not only vitamins, but also from acids. These substances affect the mucous membranes of the digestive system, as stimuli. It turns out that people who are diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer or stomach, absolutely can not eat tangerines because their gastrointestinal tract is vulnerable and inflammation can happen even at the slightest dose of fruit acids.

Kidney stones

Medics proved that eating citrus fruits, including tangerines, and vegetables and herbs, which is composed of acid, can promote the discharge of kidney stones. If the stones increased, consumption of oranges may lead to surgery to remove the stones so as to leave the body, they themselves can not.


Especially suffer from allergies children. No exception is adults who have previously been diagnosed with an Allergy to citrus fruits. An allergic reaction may occur even after one of the Mandarin slices, so not worth the risk and enter into the diet of children these fruits should be gradually increasing the number of slices every day one.

Poisoning toxins

Tangerines do not grow in Ukraine, they are brought from Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Georgia, Spain and so on. In the homeland of tangerines are harvested green, and in cities of Ukraine, they ripen and turn orange. Before you travel, all the tangerines from compulsory treatment with special drugs, having a chemical composition. This is done in order to transport the mandarins do not rot. Getting into houses of Ukrainians, tangerines rarely are heat-treated. That is, they are few washes and even more units pour the fruit of boiling water to flush toxic substances, living on the surface of the tangerine peel. As a result, people can be poisoned by chemicals and to get to the hospital.

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