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Doctors told the whole truth about vitamin C

Медики поведали всю правду о витамине СDeficiency of vitamin C is very dangerous.

Vitamin C are powerful antioxidant that not only prevents the most serious manifestations of the aging process, but improves in a few times for colds and flu.

With a lack of this vitamin in the body, malfunctions that may, in turn, lead to significant changes in appearance. It is especially important to consume this antioxidant people with low immunity and those who work or live in pretty horrible conditions.

Deficiencies at one stage or another you may find about any person, this happens most often in off-season periods, as at this time, the body receives the minimum amount of any useful elements.

By the way, doctors share the lack of ascorbic acid in two varieties: acute and pronounced. In acute vitamin C deficiency the following symptoms:
– heart problems;
– loss of teeth;
– malfunction of the digestive tract;
– hypotension.

With a shortage of ascorbic acid in severe form may experience several other symptoms:
– persistent bleeding of the gums;
– aches and fatigue;
– dryness of the skin;
– weakness and apathy;
– pain in the muscles.

At the same time, those people who get in the required amount of vitamin C, note the improvement of the condition of the skin, the lining of the complexion. In addition, significantly improves mood, increases the body’s resistance to various diseases and viruses.

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