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Doctors told the truth about the benefits of potatoes

Медики рассказали всю правду о пользе картофеляThe potato is one of the most famous vegetable, which serves as an important source of energy and nutrients

Potatoes — enough healthy food. Especially if you consume it with the peel, are rich in fiber.

The first thing to consider, including baked, boiled or fried potatoes in your diet — the composition of the nutrients contained in it, differs markedly from the other vegetables. In particular, in potatoes higher in starch, so it definitely should not be the only vegetable on your table.

Although potatoes do usually regarded as high-calorie foods, is actually a mid-size tuber, baked, without salt and oil, contains only 160 calories and contains no fat and cholesterol. In addition to this, it has about four grams of fiber and about four grams of protein, which will provide a prolonged feeling of satiety (as opposed to, for example, from the salad of cucumbers and tomatoes).

CNN reports that, according to research, potatoes are better than pasta or bread, to cope with the challenge of reducing appetite.
In addition to the already mentioned protein and fiber, potatoes can provide the body with vitamin B6, vitamin C and iron.

In addition, the potato contains potassium (20% daily value) a mineral that can reduce the impact of sodium on blood pressure. In one small study it was found that the consumption of 6-8 small potatoes twice a day does not increase weight, but, on the contrary, lowers blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and stroke among people with overweight and hypertension.

The exception is sweet potatoes (yams), which even hard to find in stores, but it is, nevertheless, worth it. The fact that the sweet potato contains beneficial antioxidants, including beta-carotene (a form of vitamin a), essential for good eyesight and perfect skin.

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