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Doctors told the truth about caffeine

Медики рассказали всю правду о кофеинеCaffeine has good quality.

If you have problems with mood or sleep quality, try to give up caffeine. This decision will bring several positive changes.


We start to use caffeine since childhood: it is in tea, Cola and other beverages. Gradually the number we need of caffeine increases, dependence develops. In the morning we do not feel fresh without a Cup of coffee. Of course, not all people is affected by caffeine the same way. But most regular use is addictive.

Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, why we feel more cheerful. But gradually the formation of new adenosine receptors and caffeine no longer has an invigorating action. We have to increase the amount again to experience the stimulating effect.


The energy level remains constant throughout the day, from the moment of awakening. With regular use of caffeine the energy level usually decreases during the day, making us want to cheer up with a Cup of coffee or tea.

Improving the quality of sleep. It will be easier to fall asleep, you’ll be less likely to Wake up during the night. Caffeine, especially if you use it in the second half of the day, prevents falling asleep.

The mood becomes more smooth. If earlier without a Cup of coffee you feel nervous and irritable, now you will no longer have this problem.

It becomes easier to exercise in the morning. You do not need to be recharged coffee, because you woke up fresh and rested.


Fail to compensate for the lack of sleep. But you’ll be more attentive to his sleep. After that day feel fresh, you will need to go to bed early.

In many situations, drinking just water is not accepted, and at first you will feel uncomfortable. But over time you’ll get used to it, like your friends.

There are particularly busy days, when no additional incentive difficult to hold. It seems that one Cup of coffee would help to get things faster. But overall it’s not worth it, because after a temporary rise energy levels fall again and you will feel even worse.

How to stop

Day by day reduce the caffeine. So the process will be easier and you will avoid the withdrawal syndrome that is accompanied by headaches and lethargy.

In different brands of coffee for different amounts of caffeine, so to regulate the process, using coffee, more difficult. Easier if you exercise and drink sports energy with caffeine, especially in powder form. Then gradually work out less and less powder until you give up caffeine completely.

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