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Doctors told the consequences of sleep deprivation

Медики рассказали, чем грозит недосыпаниеPoor sleep or lack of sleep negatively affects metabolism, and increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Recently, scientists have determined that it is not all the negative effects of lack of sleep.

Swedish researchers have discovered another harmful effect of a bad night’s rest. According to the study, even one night of poor sleep can cause changes in genes that are responsible for the biological clock.

In the study, researchers analyzed data from 15 healthy men of normal weight who spent two days in the laboratory under the supervision of experts. Some of them slept a full 8 hours or more, while other study participants were not allowed to sleep.

After this, the researchers took tissue samples from the abdomen and hips – important in regulating metabolism and blood sugar levels. The study of these samples showed that already after one night of sleep regulation and activities of genes responsible for the human biological clock has changed.

In particular, the increased sensitivity to glucose was metabolic. However, at this stage the researchers are unable to say exactly how sustainable these changes are. Perhaps the negative changes after a few nights of good sleep disappear.

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