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Doctors told, than useful by-products

Медики рассказали, чем полезны субпродукты By-products useful for the brain activity.

The use of offal dishes helps a person to improve concentration attention and concentration, according to doctors. According to them, such products it is especially important to include in the diet of those suffering from stress and lack of sleep.

All people from time to time experience fatigue and decreased performance – in a period of fundamental importance for the organism acquires nourishment. According to experts, lack of sleep and stress lead to a significant decline in health, inability to concentrate, so it is essential that the body receives the necessary minerals.

“You should give up fried and fatty foods, convenience foods and fast food. While in the daily menu should include foods that stimulates blood circulation,” – said the scientists.

Doctors believe that person can help to concentrate the offal. They noted that by-products, and in addition to them, and egg yolks are natural sources of choline.

In establishing the brain activity of the choline, which is a fat-like substance that maintains the relationship between the sections of this vital organ of the CNS, the expert explained.

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