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Doctors told how travel affects our brain

Медики рассказали, как путешествия влияют на наш мозгEveryone knows that relaxing in the fresh air lifts the mood and adds vitality.

Turns out, camping and traveling to the most wild and uninhabited parts of our planet not only bring a lot of vivid impressions, but also help us to stop thinking! Yes, according to scientists and doctors, the best way to deal with a bad mood — it’s time to “turn off” the brain. And the most interesting that in a state of “blackout” the human brain is literally transformed.

To confirm this theory, researchers tested a group of people that were walking through the woods, just 1.5 hours. Each of the participants of the experiment noticed a significant decrease in activity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain responsible for mental illness. Now imagine what happens to a person who spends in nature, not 1.5 hours and several days!

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Scientists have answered the question of how changing the brain affects our everyday lives. They asked a group of volunteers for a couple of days to turn off all the gadgets and spend time somewhere away from the city noise. After that, the participants of the experiment suggested a creative challenge and solving several complex problems. It turned out that their level of creative thinking increased by 50%. At least!

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Good health, longevity, harmony in personal relationships and genuine happiness to get it all at once, it is necessary only not to forget about the rest and from time to time to throw in the far corner of the get favorite backpack and go someplace quiet and beautiful.

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