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Doctors told how to slow the aging process

Медики подсказали, как замедлить процесс старенияFrom pastries and cakes, too, should be abandoned in favor of marshmallow, Turkish delight or dark chocolate

Our health and appearance depend largely on what, how and how much we eat constantly told by nutritionists, but for some reason many of them forget to mention that it was from the daily diet depends on how quickly you age.

“In order to have a beautiful look and to be cheerful throughout the day, you need to eat more plant foods – vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, natural cereal whole grains. But fast food, fried, smoked and salty will have to forget, like a sweet soda. To use such products is recommended only on holidays and reasonable. Be careful what you drink. Coffee should be only natural, and afford a day not more than 1-2 small cups. From pastries and cakes, too, should be abandoned in favor of marshmallow, Turkish delight or dark chocolate, but, of course, also in reasonable quantities and not every day. But to indulge in such sweets as fruit, berries, honey and natural yoghurt, not worth it,” says dietician Lyudmila Babich.

In General, the rules of anti-aging menu is pretty simple:

– Meals should be balanced in vitamins and minerals.

– Every day you should eat at least 400-500 grams of fresh fruit or vegetables, herbs. Preferably seasonal and local.

– Do not overeat. There is a little (no more than 400 calories per serving), but every 3-4 hours.

– Twice a day – hot food.

– Breakfast optional. It is desirable that it is consisted of protein (eggs) or “long-playing” carbohydrates (oatmeal).

– If you’re hungry before lunch or before dinner, eat a banana or an Apple, but not a chocolate bar or cream cake.

– In the evening a light snack – yogurt or cheese, ideally no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

– Don’t eat meat for at least 4 hours before bedtime (it is a long time to digest, aggravates the stomach night, thereby loads the heart and the vascular system).

– Watch your weight, it needs to be in the norm, otherwise it is a risk of developing a host of unpleasant ailments.

– Drink at least 1, 5-2 liters of pure mineral water without gas.

– Limit alcohol, quit Smoking.

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